BOSTON, April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to a federal appeals court ruling regarding restrictions on access to mifepristone, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts ("Blue Cross") released the following statement:

"As a health care organization, we believe strongly that our members should have access to the care they need. Mifepristone has been FDA-approved for use in termination of pregnancy since 2000. As more than 50% of abortions occur via medication rather than surgical procedures, recent rulings regarding access to mifepristone will impact abortion access. As the cases work their way through the courts, including yesterday's appeals court decision to partially block the FDA's original approval of mifepristone, our team at Blue Cross will continue to ensure we are doing everything we can to support our members and employees.

Here in Massachusetts, both surgical and medication assisted abortion services remain legal. We are grateful for Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey's broad efforts, including the stockpiling of mifepristone in clinical settings, to protect access to medication assisted abortion, which remains a critical component of comprehensive abortion access."

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SOURCE Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

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