Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Expands Portfolio of Popular Digital Health Solutions for Customers
Solutions now offered to more than 1 million members

BOSTON, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Blue Cross) is adding to its curated portfolio of digital health solutions with an expert medical opinion program from 2nd.MD. The offering allows qualifying Blue Cross members to conduct virtual consultations with top health care specialists to help them better understand their diagnosis and treatment options and ensure they are receiving the most appropriate care.

"When faced with a health challenge or new diagnosis, often patients want to speak to another clinician to ensure they are getting the care that is best for them and their particular health needs," said Blue Cross Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Debbie Williams. "2nd.MD manages this entire process and makes it seamless and convenient for patients, so they can feel confident about their health care decisions."

Though program availability varies based on employer size and funding arrangement, with the addition of 2nd.MD to its portfolio, Blue Cross now offers six best-in-class digital health solutions to more than one million members.

When digital health solutions exploded on the scene, the health plan began building and offering a selection to its employer customers that were focused on the health issues affecting their employees the most, such as diabetes, mental health, musculoskeletal conditions and pregnancy and parenting.

"Even before the pandemic hit, employers were interested in convenient, user-friendly and effective digital solutions to support their employees with a range of health issues, from diabetes to mild anxiety and depression," Williams said. "Interest in these solutions has only grown during the pandemic as employers seek new ways to support their employees' physical and mental health needs without them having to access in-person care. Digital programs that are available when and where employees need them through their computer or mobile device are an attractive option."

2nd.MD joins five other digital health solutions in the Blue Cross portfolio:

Learn to Live provides online, self-directed, coach-supported programs focused on helping people overcome mild to moderate anxiety, depression and insomnia. These digital programs are based on the fundamentals of cognitive behavioral therapy, an effective, evidence-based approach for addressing anxiety and depression.

Hinge Health offers a preventive pain management program that helps adults proactively manage musculoskeletal health issues, like chronic back and knee pain. The program features a 12-week, coach-led, digital experience, though participants gain access to all program features for a full year. The experience includes stretching and strengthening exercises, educational articles and behavioral health support.

Livongo empowers people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes to live better and healthier lives.

Omada, a digital provider of the Diabetes Prevention Program, delivers tools and support for participants to improve lifestyle, behavior and overall health.

Ovia Health uses technology and predictive coaching to support members from preconception and pregnancy through return-to-work and parenthood.

"We are excited to partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to provide access to virtual expert medical consultations with physicians of all specialties quickly and conveniently during pivotal health care moments through 2nd.MD by Accolade," said Kristin Herrera, senior vice president and general manager of health plans at Accolade. "Whether someone is seeking confirmation of a treatment plan or expert guidance for elective surgeries, our interactive service leads to improved outcomes and lowered costs while giving employees peace of mind."

Williams noted that Blue Cross is uniquely positioned to review the latest digital health solutions and select those that will best benefit members. She added that Blue Cross' portfolio of solutions will continue to evolve and grow to match the latest digital health offerings to customers' needs.

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