Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts offers new online program for members living with stress, depression and anxiety

BOSTON, Nov. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (Blue Cross) has added an innovative online resource to help members address their mild to moderate anxiety, depression or insomnia and improve their emotional health. The program, Learn to Live, will be available to employers with 500+ Blue Cross subscribers through the health plan's Emerging Solutions portfolio.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

"We believe an individual's emotional health is as important as their physical health, and we are committed to helping members get the support they need," said Blue Cross Behavioral Health Medical Director Dr. Ken Duckworth. "We know many of our members struggle to manage daily stresses and challenges in their lives and that our employer customers are looking for new solutions to help their employees. The Learn to Live programs offer members another path to improve their emotional well-being in a way that's convenient and accessible for them."

Learn to Live provides online, self-directed, coach-supported programs focused on helping people overcome mild to moderate anxiety, depression and insomnia. These digital programs are based on the fundamentals of cognitive behavioral therapy, an effective evidence-based approach for addressing anxiety and depression.

Learn to Live provides:

  • Immediate, online, 24/7 capabilities
  • Confidential access
  • Responsive, interactive, multimedia content
  • Educational programs designed to address depression; stress, anxiety and worry; social anxiety; and insomnia
  • Self-paced skill-building lessons for each program
  • Proven self-development psychological tools to apply to day-to-day life
  • Coaches to keep members engaged via text, email and phone
  • Peer-to-peer support through social networks

Learn to Live complements Blue Cross' market-leading behavioral health program, which combines the largest network of behavioral health providers in Massachusetts with an in-house staff of actively practicing clinicians and specially trained behavioral health case managers who work hand-in-hand with our medical case managers to ensure all of our members' needs are met.

It's also the newest addition to the Emerging Solutions portfolio. Blue Cross introduced Emerging Solutions to curate innovative digital solutions and advise employer customers on options to help improve their employees' health and lower costs. The portfolio includes solutions for diabetes management (Livongo and Omada); fertility, pregnancy and parenting (Ovia Health); chronic back and knee pain (Hinge Health); and cancer (Robin Care).

"Our customers want to reduce the stigma of stress, anxiety and depression in the workplace and provide their employees with confidential and convenient solutions that fit more seamlessly into their lives," said Cathy Hartman, senior vice president of customer solutions at Blue Cross. "Through our Emerging Solutions portfolio, we offer innovative digital tools and work consultatively with employer customers to identify the solutions that can keep their employees healthy, productive and engaged."

"We are proud to announce this partnership which brings together two market leaders for a new level of access, convenience and effectiveness to support improved emotional health and well-being," said Learn to Live cofounder and CEO Dale Cook. "Blue Cross' ground-breaking Emerging Solutions portfolio is bringing digital health innovation to its customers for improved outcomes and reduced costs, particularly in the critical arena of emotional health. In partnership with Blue Cross and its market-leading behavioral health program, we are on a quest to improve the lives of those experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia who need accessible help."

Learn to Live will be available to accounts with 500+ Blue Cross subscribers starting Jan. 1, 2020.

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About Learn to Live
Learn to Live is the leader in tackling mental health challenges through customizable and scalable consumer-centered technology — via both web and mobile delivery. Their programs are self-directed, providing self-help information and skill-building lessons based on the fundamentals of cognitive behavioral therapy. Their programs are designed to help individuals with stress, depression, social anxiety and insomnia. The company designs solutions that reduce stigma, alleviate access barriers and limit financial concerns for those seeking help. Learn to Live has helped tens of thousands of individual consumers, and partners with organizational clients in the health plan, employment, and higher education sectors. Through these partnerships, Learn to Live now covers over 3 million members. For more information visit


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