Workers' Compensation Is Latest Offering From Indigo Insurance Services
Indigo celebrates 10 years of exceptional growth in specialty benefits with new product

BOSTON, Feb. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Indigo Insurance Services’ new workers' compensation offering is adding value for small businesses across Massachusetts.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Indigo introduced workers' compensation in mid-2017 to small businesses across all professions with up to 100 employees. The benefit, which is administered by Compnet and underwritten by Berkshire Hathaway Guard, is the latest in a growing specialty benefits portfolio of products including vision, group life and disability, and stop-loss. Indigo is a wholly owned specialty benefits subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Indigo’s vice president of specialty benefits Rich Greenhalgh said small businesses that have added workers' compensation are seeing even better results—both from an employee health and premium standpoint—when they combine the benefit with Blue Cross’ medical plans and innovative wellness program, Healthy Actions.

"We know small businesses are looking for ways to keep their employees healthy and mitigate work-related injuries and illnesses," he said. "Our workers' compensation benefit and Blue Cross’ Healthy Actions program work hand in hand to improve the health of small business workforces and decrease their health care costs."

Healthy Actions is the only program of its kind in the market—employees can earn up to $300 for getting an annual physical and managing their health conditions (like diabetes and hypertension), and employers can earn a credit on their annual premium based on employee participation.

The workers' compensation offering is available at a 7.5% discount to employers that offer Blue Cross’ medical coverage. Employers that achieve a 50% participation rate in Healthy Actions can earn an additional 5% off their workers' compensation premium.

New offering caps decade of growth
Workers' compensation is the latest product powering unprecedented growth in specialty benefits offered through Indigo, which is marking its 10th anniversary this year.

Over the past decade, Indigo has grown from one customer and two specialty products to 16 products and over 1,200 employer customers who offer at least one Indigo benefit in addition to Blue Cross medical plans. And Indigo will continue to add new specialty benefits in the future.

"Our customers recognize the value of partnering with us to offer these additional benefits to their employees—a one-stop shopping experience, administrative ease, and affordable premiums," Greenhalgh said. "Bringing all of these benefits together for our accounts is what we do best."

About Indigo Insurance Services
Indigo Insurance Services ( a full-service insurance agency offering an extensive suite of specialty insurance products to employers with two or more employees. Our portfolio of products includes life, disability, vision, travel, accident, critical illness, stop loss, workers' compensation, and more. Indigo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, headquartered in Boston.

SOURCE Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
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