Collaboration Needed to Complete the 'Unfinished Business' of Health Care Affordability
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts releases 2012 Annual Report

Boston — March 21, 2013 — Exceptional and affordable health care is possible in Massachusetts if the health care community continues to work together in a spirit of shared responsibility according to Andrew Dreyfus, President and Chief Executive Officer of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA).

In BCBSMA's 2012 Annual Report, Dreyfus says that while the state's landmark health reform law has achieved the goal of near universal health care coverage and led to important progress on the quality and safety of care, we still need to address the cost of health care.

"Massachusetts health reform has been incredibly collegial and collaborative," says Dreyfus in one of three videos included in the 2012 Annual Report. "But even here, we sometimes retreat to our own corners — as insurers, hospitals, physicians, consumer advocates, or business interests — especially when the question is where to cut costs. We need to bridge these historic divides. The key to success is going to be shared responsibility among all stakeholders in health care."

Through articles and videos featuring Massachusetts employers, health care providers, members, and community leaders, the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts 2012 Annual Report illustrates how the company, through innovation and collaboration, is:

The company's 2012 Annual Report incorporates enhancements that improve the user experience, especially for those who access the report via a mobile device. New features include:

  • Full screen video display for all web browsers
  • Video viewing is simplified and compatible for the Android mobile platform as well as iOS (Apple)
  • Easier printing

As it has for the past four years, BCBSMA is releasing its 2012 Annual Report exclusively on the company's website, which helps to reduce administrative costs and our impact to the environment.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts ( is a community-focused, tax-paying, not-for-profit health plan headquartered in Boston. We're committed to working with others in a spirit of shared responsibility to make quality health care affordable. Consistent with our corporate promise to always put our 2.8 million members first, we are rated among the nation's best health plans for member satisfaction and quality.


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